Name :  Namita Arya

Information about Yourself : Classmate and friend of LORETO days.
Your Message :  It’s a shocking news for me. After twenty years – this is
what I read on net. She was a very cheerful and helpful girl. No airs at
all. I can just pray for her departed soul and want to give this message

“The soul departs ……………
The tide recedes but leaves behind
Bright seashells on the sand,
The sun goes down , but gentle warmth
Still lingers on the land,
The music stops, and yet it echoes on
In sweet refrain………
For every joy that passes ,
Something beautiful remains.”
My heartfelt condolences to the whole family, especially Akhil and

Name :  Nagarajan Ranganathan

Information about Yourself : Nina's co-major professor for her M.S. thesis at Uni. South
Florida, Tampa
Your Message : 

Dear Akhil

We are extremely shocked to hear about Nina. Unable to believe it. It is heartbreaking. Myself and Dr. Sarkar co-advised her Masters thesis at USF.
During her stay in Tampa, she became a close family friend to us, both Radhika (my wife) and myself and kept in constant touch with us while in Austin. She was an extremely smart, intelligent, ambitious person who wanted to achieve great heights. I recall her many visits to our home and she was a very pleasant person.
She did very good work and took pride in whatever she did. She had utmost respect for her teachers. I also remember that she was always very concerned and caring about her parents. She talked about them a lot. Overall, she was a very fine person.
We are at a loss for words on how to console you on this. It is so unthinkable of the loss for you, your daughter, her parents and family. We pray for your strength to face and cope with this.

Ranga and Radhika

Name :  Paul Zehr

Information about Yourself :  Colleague at Intel for several years
Your Message :  We worked together on a project at Intel where our portion of the project started out behind schedule and under pressure. (This was a piece of software called "WING") Because of the schedule & pressure, Nina ran a daily meeting to aid in working out the kinks -- and did a wonderful job of it. She would listen to others, and never let their impatience bother her. She would help others and in the end, she always made others feel good. There were a lot of technical details that she helped with, but what really made her special was her ability to do that technical work AND make people smile. Not very many people can do that. Nina could.

We spend much of our lives at work, and Nina always made work a much more pleasant place -- with her smiles, laughs and good nature. She was also a very bright & intellectual person -- passionate about learning. What a great co-worker! I will always remember her smile.

My thoughts are with your family. I am deeply sorry about this tragedy.

Name :   Sujata Bose
Information about Yourself :   Friend, confidante, wingmate, part-time room-mate, partner-in-mischief 1989-1990
Your Message :   Dear Nambita and Akhil, Although you may not know me, and although I have never met you both, we have just two degrees of separation between us because of Nina. I heard the news last night from a close friend, a full 27 days after she had moved on. 27 days I was spared grief but now it grips me with all the force it accumulated over that time.

A memory from A-wing SN Hall:

-Nina, Bipasha and myself trying to study on one rickety, creaking, metal bed during end-sems and constantly pushing each other off and yet trying to grab the most comfy spot .. it was one laughing, riotous, tangled mess...

-Nina on the rooftop in a white sheet [ product of our gang's mischeif making factory] trying to scare the wits out of seniors some mid-sem night...

yes there are stories I would love to share about her .. and they are mostly happy ones.

She was a cheerful, loving, caring soul who always wanted to do the right thing by everyone she knew.

I would love to share this poem by Tennyson with you, Nambita and Akhil and all those who were her nearest kin, and with everyone who gathered here to share their thoughts:

Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white;
Nor waves the cypress in the palace walk;
Nor winks the gold fin in the porphyry font:
The fire-fly wakens: waken thou with me.

Now droops the milkwhite peacock like a ghost,
And like a ghost she glimmers on to me.

Now lies the Earth all Danaë to the stars,
And all thy heart lies open unto me.

Now slides the silent meteor on, and leaves
A shining furrow, as thy thoughts in me.

Now folds the lily all her sweetness up,
And slips into the bosom of the lake:
So fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip
Into my bosom and be lost in me.
- Tennyson

Name : Dr. H.C. Pande

Information about Yourself : V.C.E., B.I.T., Mesra, Ranchi
Your Message :  Date : 17th Sept, 2005

We have been shocked and deeply grieved on learning of the tragedy. We do not know what to say or how to say it. It has been impossible to believe what we have heard. Nothing can fill the void and no words can make up for the loss. We want to tell you that we share your sorrow in the hope that it might lighten the burden perhaps a little bit. May god give you strength to bear the irreparable loss and grant peace to the departed soul.

Yours in sorrow

Name : Sourav Mukherjee

Information about Yourself : Friend from Ranchi, KGP, Bay Area
Your Message : It still haunts me that we could not get to meet up in the
past few months and then to hear about your news ...

If we had met I would have complimented you on having such a wonderful

Nambita - your grandfather is one of the most fearless and resolute
person I met. And your mother the most compassionate.

Akhil, I had read the following on a tombstone inscription for Anna
Coffey, Nov 20, 1866, in Mission Dolores, San Francisco a few years back.

I go from thee God only knows
How I have longed to stay
How I have shuddered thus to tread
The lone & shadowed way
Faith tells me that I soon may know
The joys the blessed find
And yet I falter while I cast
A lingering look behind

Name : Rupali mani

Information about Yourself : Nina was my next room neighbour in SN hall during the year 1992-1994 when I was doing M.Tech and she was doing her project.
Your Message : It was a heart breaking news for me, she was such a nice, sweet and soft spoken person I can never forget.

Name : Anurag Dixit

Information about Yourself : 8828110, year 92 batchmate & TDS member
Your Message : Shocked to hear the bad news, May god rest Nina's soul in peace, Will never forget the smiling woman bubbling with energy.

Name : Shankar Narayan

Information about Yourself : Senior, 1991 batch at KGP
Your Message : It was very shocking ! I have seen her taking keen interest in KGP events. That's Life ! No one knows when the call will come.....May her soul rest in peace. Its a loss for everyone who knew her...

Name : Ranjit Goswami (Lambo)

Information about Yourself : Nina's batchmate at IIT Kharagpur, R P Hall
Your Message : It was shocking when I received the mail from IIT Kharagpur. Yes - I do remember her in Kgp days. She was always smiley and had the 'bubbly' appearance.

Me and my offer our condolence to her family. I also have a baby - hope the kid/s Nina had grow/s up well with God's grace. And pray that India gets more Nina Saxena in future to achieve the missions she left unfulfilled. May God rest her soul in peace.

Name : Priyadarshini Sengupta

Information about Yourself : Nina's wingmate from 92-94
Your Message : I just learnt of this terrible tragedy a few days ago and am in a state of shock. I knew Nina as a chirpy person who loved old hindi film songs.
Please accept my heartfelt condolences... I have no words... don't know what to say...

Name : Chetan Parmar

Information about Yourself :  Classmate DAV88
Your Message :  was shocked and deeply saddened reading about loss. Though I did not know her closely I remembered her as a great achiever and a tough competitor.

Name : Kaushik Pal

Information about Yourself :Senior at IITKGP, hallmate/batchmate of Akhil
Your Message : Dear Akhil, I am still in shock as I write this. I really don't know what to say.
Hope you have the strength to negotiate this unexpected turn in your life. Take good care of Nambita.

Name : Bhaskar Ghosh

Information about Yourself :Junior at KGP and Akhil's hallmate
Your Message : Extremely Shocked. May God give strength to the entire family to bear this shock.

Name : Aman Sinha

Information about Yourself : colleague from CERC lab, UT Austin
Your Message : My wife Vandana and I were really shocked to hear the sad news ! We knew her both from CERC and from Gateway apartments (married student housing). The last time we met her was 3 years ago at the Durga puja at Foothill College. Our heart goes out to you and the precious
little angel she has left behind.

Name : Debarag Banerjee

Information about Yourself : Nina's junior at KGP
Your Message : Nina was working on a medical equipment in the lab I was doing my BTech thesis in. She felt so full of life then that today this news feels shocking beyond comprehension.
Death is a terrible enigma as it is. When its shadow descends on ones so blessed with vivacity, it is infinitely more tragic.May she rest in peace and may her family find strength beyond this sorrow.

Name : Sharmistha Dubey

Information about Yourself : Junior at IIT KGP
Your Message : Am shocked and terribly saddened to hear this ... Nina was so full of life and great at everything she did.

Name : Vandita Saxena Samavedi

Information about Yourself : Friend from Loreto Convent and DAV, Ranchi
Your Message : I am so sorry to hear this. Nina was a wonderful person. She was the most lively, energetic and charismatic person I had met in  school. I am sure Nambita will remind us all of Nina. My deepest condolences to the family.

Name : Vivekananda Vedula

Information about Yourself : Lab mate at CERC, UT Austin
Your Message :  I could not believe it when a colleague mentioned it to me, and even after a few of my friends confirmed it. I was supposed to meet her more than once when I was in the bay area (most recently in July this year when I heard she had a baby). She was a lively person, and
helped me settle down in the lab. I pray that her family has the strength to cope with the loss.

Name : Sudeep Sarkar

Information about Yourself : Nina's MS thesis co-advisor
Your Message :   It is indeed the worst kind of news when one hears of younger ones being snatched from the flow of life. Nina was an extremely bright, enthusiastic, and industrious researcher. I was impressed by her tenacity in following a line of thought. Her research required her to have expertise in multiple, disjoining, areas, but this did not deter her. She completed an excellent MS thesis. I am proud of the work that she did. May her soul rest in peace. Om Shanti.

Name : Dr.Smita Mehta

Information about Yourself : I was 1 year junior to Nina in Loreto
Your Message :   I was shocked to know this tragic news. My condolences to Nina's family and friends.

Name : Viswanath Sankaranarayanan

Information about Yourself : CERC, UT Austin
Your Message :   This is really shocking news. I knew Nina in the (short) time that I spent with her in Austin. Even in that brief period, I could see that she was a warm and caring person. Please accept my heartfelt condolences and may her soul rest in peace.

Name : Vaibhav Agrawal

Information about Yourself : CERC, UT Austin
Your Message :  I know Nina from a few conversations that I had with her in CERC. I remember her as a very friendly, witty and accomodating person. I was shocked to hear about her demise. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Name : Dr.P.K.Mahanti&Mrs Malina Mahanti from Canada

Information about Yourself : Friend of Prof Saxena family at BIT
Your Message : We are shocked to learn the demise of Nina.We can't believe it.Our thoughts are with you and her parents at this difficult moment. May her soul rest in peace.

Name : Rajarshi Mukherjee

Information about Yourself : IITKGP87-91, UTAustin
Your Message :  The news of Nina's demise came as a terrible shock to me. May God give her family and loved ones the strength to carry on.

Name : Priya Raghavan

Information about Yourself : CERC, UT Austin
Your Message :  Dear Akhil
I remember Nina as a very cheerful and energetic person. I am very disturbed to hear about what happened. I hope and pray that you and your family find the strength in you to cope with this loss.

Name :  Aravind Goli

Information about Yourself : IIT KGP 1983
Your Message :  May God grant her soul the best place in HIS kingdom and bless the family with the courage and tenacity to be able to move on with life in her absence physically, even though she will be there with them always as a spirit.

Ninam chindanti Shastrani
Ninam dahati pavakaha
Nachainam kledantyapo
Nshoshayathi Maruthaha

Name :  Satyashayee Misra

Information about Yourself : Senior at IIT (RK Hall)
Your Message : 


A most unwanted way to bring back memories of old days. My heartfelt condolences and prayers for strength for you and all bemoaning the untimely loss. Also, my prayers to God to bless your child even more.

Name :  Ravi Nandh Narasimhan

Information about Yourself : Classmate of Nina at DAV, Ranchi
Your Message : I was deeply saddened to hear about Nina's passing. I remember her as a charming and vivacious classmate - full of energy and life. I remember thinking that she would certainly go places in life, and judging by all the messages on this site, she did indeed positively touch many lives. She will certainly be remembered............please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Name :  Bharadwaj

Information about Yourself : Nina's colleague at Intel
Your Message :  Sad to hear about this. Nina was a great colleague and we shared many
interesting hallway conversations on techincal matters. She was a warm and friendly person, and helpful and passionate about work. Please convey my condolences to her family.

Name :  Ravi Bulusu

Information about Yourself : was her CERC buddy at UT Austin
Your Message :  Dear Akhil,
It's been a very shocking news to me - and its still hard for me to believe what i heard. Nina was one of the nicest persons I met - ever. It was probably just a couple of months ago - I was on phone with her - and she was so excited about her newborn. I still can't believe this had to happen to her. My Hearty Condolences

Name :  Murali Varanasi

Information about Yourself : I was one of Nina's Professors at USF
Your Message : I am in shock to learn the news about Nina. I always will remember her as a courteous and pleasant person. My heart goes out for her family and friends. We will remember her in our prayers.

Name :  Roopesh

Information about Yourself : studied in school with nina
Your Message :  I wish that I had spoken to her/ known her more, based on all that I know of her.
A person who knew her mind, do things she wanted to, in her way. She was visible in a crowd.
A loss for all of us.

Name :  Anjali Pichai

Information about Yourself : One year junior at KGP
Your Message :  Sundi and I are shocked and deeply saddened to hear this news - wish Nina's family all the strength in the world to deal with this tragic incident. Our love and best wishes will always be there for you. Nina will always be remembered as a fun loving, talented, pretty and
intelligent girl full of life anytime of the day.

Name :  Viji Narayanan (K. R Vijaya)

Information about Yourself : Her 2 yrs senior at IIT KGP
Your Message :  I dont know what to say, I just cried and cried and did not sleep the whole night when I heard this news. I was in touch with her when she was in Florida, and afterwards I lost touch. Incidently, I was going thro' my autograph book 2weeks ago (before I heard this news) and
somehow her autograph stood out as she had promised that she will find me wherever I am and keep in touch. And I thought, I must get in touch with her and see where she is. And then, 2 days later, I hear this news. I was shocked and later when I heard that she is survived by her husband and 3 month old baby, I was in tears again! May GOD give them all the strength to bear this loss, and I know she will guide her daughter from heaven. Akhil, she was one of my favourite juniors and the
feelings were mutual. I am really sorry.

Name :  Kimi

Information about Yourself : RP Hall, ET '91
Your Message :  I am simply shocked beyond words. Nina was one of the most well-rounded talented KGPite I had met during my stay.

I remember one incident that had stayed in my mind about her. I entered SN Hall without permission for some urgent reason and I entered before security could stop me... I didn't know. She caught me entering and I was sheepishly embarrassed. She immediately noticed that and tried to calm me down and took the embarrassment out of me. She was too good!
God bless her kind soul.

Name :  Praveen Vashisht

Information about Yourself : '91 batch KGP
Your Message :  I'm shocked to numbness with the tragic news. May the Almighty give peace to her soul and strength to her family to move on with life.

Name :  Arpan Banerjee

Information about Yourself : IIT KGP Class of 92
Your Message :  I remember Nina as a warm and affectionate person full of positive energy all the time. The untimely demise came as a rude shock. But Nina is timeless. My thoughts goes with her family.

Name :  Debgiri

Information about Yourself :  IIT KGP Batchmate
Your Message :  This is a shocking news, worst that I have heard in last several months - I still cannot believe it. Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult hour.

Name : Ahana Roy

Information about Yourself : Close friend in KGP
Your Message :   I feel extremely sad to hear this news. I have so many wonderful memories of Nina and the happy times we spent together. She was an incredibly talented person and a very warm and loving friend- it was a joy to be around her. I will always miss her- she was such a special
Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Name :  Aruna

Information about Yourself :  Nina's classmate from Loreto and DAV
Your Message :  am shocked to hear of Nina's untimely passing! She was a vivacious and talented woman. She and I have not been in touch recently, but the days spent with her in school will always remain in my memory. May her soul rest in peace. My condolences to her husband and parents.
May God grant them strength in these difficult times.

Name : Leena Satapathy

Information about Yourself :  Classmate from Loreto
Your Message :   I was extremely shocked to hear this news. I remember Nina as a smart and cheerful girl. My heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May God bless her soul.

Name :  Dr.B.N.Sinha, Mrs. Sandhya Sinha with Rishi and Raja

Information about Yourself :  BIT Mesra Resident.
Your Message : Dear Akhil,
We don't know u will recall us. We were staying in Quarter D-99,vacated by Prof. Saxena when he had shifted to another behind this. It was this D-99 where Guria(NINA) spent her childhood days. Frequently we visited each other's house when Guria used to come to BIT from IIT,KGP during
holidays. She was very affectionate to our sons Rishi and Raja. They were very small those days in 1990-92. We don't have words to express our feeling at this hour. We got this tragic news to-day only.

We pray to God for the peace to her soul and for ample courage to You, Prof. Saxena, Bhabhiji and family. NAMBITA NEEDS VERY SPECIAL CARE. We would be fortunate to see our LITTLE GURIA sometime.
May God bless you!

Name :  Sudeshna Das

Information about Yourself :  IIT Kharagpur/SN Hall (class of 1991), also from Loreto Ranchi
Your Message :   I have known Nina for several years and am deeply shocked to hear this tragic new. My condolences with the family. I will always remember Nina as full of life, warm, and loving person. I last met Nina in Texas during herPhD tenure at UT Austin. I used to call her -"Nina, pretty ballerina .."and she really liked that.

Name :   Sujata Arya (Pulugurta)

Information about Yourself :  Nina's batchmate and hall-mate in IIT KGP ('93-Archi Dept.) Shared 4 fun years with her.
Your Message :   
Nina was full of 'tempo' any hour of the day. She was spontaneous and graceful. I remember how beautifully she danced to 'Ek, do, teen .......' and entertained us.
She was a jolly good fellow.....
I remember her as always smiling, always upto mischief(natkhat) and a radiant personality. She was so talented, be it acad., dance, drama(TDS) or literary stuff.
My heart felt sympathies to Saxena Uncle & Aunty. I know how special you were to her. And my prayers and best wishes to Akhil and Nambita. May God give you all the strength to move ahead and make her wishes come true.
May her soul rest in peace.
Her fond memories will be our treasure.

Name :   Ballari Mukherjee

Information about Yourself :  IIT KGP Batch 1995 (M Sc)
Your Message :   I am so very very sorry to hear this news. I remember Nina to be an extremely lovable person. She was always smiling. I hope Nambita grows up knowing what a wonderful person her mother was.

Name :   Arun Jain
Information about Yourself :  IIT KGP Chemical 1990,  Birthdaymate of NinaSaxena
Your Message :   
Nina Saxena must have touched the hearts of each and every person she would have interacted with in her short life. I am sure people cannot forget her ‘hi’, ‘hello’ and ‘smile’, all of which used to radiate with positive energy.

She was very smart and exceptionally intelligent. I remember she foxed me one evening asking some tricky questions. She was a great friend.

She was never afraid to put across her viewpoints. I remember she asked me once-“Do you drink?” and then followed it up a few months later with the question “How often do you drink?” and after I answered, she followed it up with a comment ”that’s a better way of asking the question”. I hadn’t realized that she was testing me. Smart Girl!

She was one person who would never shy away from a compliment. If you told her that she is very intelligent, she would coolly say, “Say that again!”

When she told me her birthday is on the 18th of December, I told her that my birthday is also on the same date. She coolly shot back telling me that she would have never believed me if I had been the first one to state the date as 18th of December!

When I sent her a birthday greeting card containing pictures of yellow roses, she asked me “How did you come to know that I love yellow roses?” I never knew!

I had told her once that I can always proudly say that I and Nina Saxena share the same birthday. I think I can say that with even more pride now.

She was one person who was very much dedicated to her family, home and work. Her emails always used to reflect this. She also used to show genuine concern on any issues that were communicated to her.

When I had sent her a one-line email – “Are you there?” This is what she replied:

Yes, and pretty much listening now.
How have you been these past weeks?
I was struggling to meet some timelines (as you know already).
How are things there in India?

I see some travel (conferences/summit) coming up in the next 2 months.

Do you travel a lot too?
How is work and life as such?

When I emailed her “ I am not fully fit…” this is what she wrote

Hey, hope you are feeling fine now.
What did you manage to catch there? Hope it wasn't a flu or something.
In any case, you sound like you're better now. Good thing.

This what she wrote on various topics:

On life

Over here, life is pretty much work and home too. Weekend is when we go out, drive to another city, meet friends or simply do groceries and cleaning. Dishes and laundry pile up in the week and so the washing and drying machines get busy in the weekends while I vacuum and scrub. Sounds like fun? :-)

Okay, join your wife next time in the cleanup work; she'll love that and you will love it too (maybe not :-)). Of course, in India none of you may be doing any cooking, scrubbing or washing. More likely than not you have hired domestic help to do that. Correct?

On Munnabhai MBBS – a Hindi Comedy

Munnabhai MBBS is quite funny; it is great for some light entertainment.
You may even come back with that catchy song "Subah ho gayi Mamu" ringing in your ears.

Tell me if I predicted right :-)

On being told that we are considering relocation to a new place

Wow, it must be both exciting and scary.
Relocating to a new place always is.

Advice regarding leasing / selling house

True; leasing would be a much better idea than selling if you are uncertain. That way you'll still have your hold on the familiar territory. Plus the housing market is only getting higher on the price. The only thing you may need to check is whom you are leasing it to. I wonder if the leasing stories in Bombay are similar to the Delhi area and if Bombay has stricter rules imposed to protect the owners.

On “The Producers”

Among new things here, I saw "The producers" (the Broadway show that got the most Tony awards yet). I would be interested in seeing "Bombay dreams" sometime too maybe. I'm quite impressed by the equipment used to change the numerous sets in just seconds; this one had around 15 different sets I think. There were some Broadway bigwigs from the original cast too. Overall, it was the comedy that made it "paisa wasool" for me.

Anyways, I'm just getting excited over a funny show, :-)

On what she does

Yes, 2 things that I do are to:
(a) keep a close watch on housing market and interest rates (thanks to which our most recent refinancing was for an interest rate of 3.5% *only* for 3/1, that is 3 year fixed with yearly variations afterwards) and
(b) keep a close watch on the stock market (since those variations define the actual money flow for not only us but most senior executives here and are therefore more interesting than salary)

On travel and family

I had to travel very often as a student (particularly because my parents are in India, I was doing my PhD in U.S. and my husband was doing his PhD at the same time in Europe). As you can well imagine, that meant multiple international trips in a year at that time.
After that time, my husband and I both moved to the same city in U.S. and joined as Senior Engineers in our respective companies. That changed the rate of personal travel and increased the rate of official trips. Over the years, as I picked seniority, I have slowed down a little as far as travel is concerned. In particular, I had to avoid travel every time I was pregnant or such. So now I try and delegate travel related work to others and mostly work from here.

On home and work

In fact I have become so lazy now that we changed all our laptops at home to wireless (the new ones are already wireless but the older ones needed the card). I have turned one of the upstairs rooms (ours is a five bedroom house) to library cum study. That is where we had to sit earlier any day when any of us felt like transcommuting (working from home). Now it is a lot better. I can sit in one of the bedrooms and watch TV while working or even surf the internet while cooking in the kitchen (which is downstairs). I can fool myself into believing that I'm actually getting more rest than before.

On home

The good part about living in India is that everyone uses domestic help. Here we cook, scrub and clean ourselves. We share some of the work such as loading the dishwasher, vacuuming and so on, depending on who had the most tiring day. However, the house decor is primarily mine to play with and also the cooking. Initially we were ambitious and used to mow the lawns also ourselves. Now we have hired a landscaper to take care of the those things. That freed up some weekend time.

Acknowledging a greeting

Thanks Arun, and my greetings to you too.
It is wonderful to see these greetings from you.

Wishing Happy Birthday

Just wanted to wish you in advance for the b'day. :-)

Nina Saxena was a great person. I am sure she must have left an indelible mark on the lives of all the people she must have interacted with. Her loss must be a tremendous loss to her parents, husband and daughter. I hope these tributes make them happy and proud!

Name :   Rajan Sharma
Information about Yourself :   Friend of Nina & Akhil.
Your Message :   Am really saddened and shocked by this tragic news. Nina was a very dear friend, someone who could always be counted on. She was intelligent and accomplished, but never lost her humility and sense of caring for others. She was the life of every party.

Name :   Rajesh Ghosh
Information about Yourself :   Senior from IIT
Your Message :   This is a shocking news - I still cannot believe it. Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult hour, especially her daughter.

Name :   Indra Nath Mitra
Information about Yourself :   Graduated from IIT KGP in 1990
Your Message :   I am sorry to hear this news. May her soul rest in peace. My prayers are for her family.

Name :   Avik Sarkar
Information about Yourself :   I was in IIT KGP (Class of 1990), two years ahead of Nina.
Your Message :   Very shocked to hear the news! Condolence!

Name :   Ratun Lahiri Majumdar
Information about Yourself :   IIT Kharagpur/SN Hall (1987-1991) Nina Saxenas wing mate
Your Message :   I was shocked - truly anguished - to hear of Ninas sad demise. It is difficult to comprehend an individual with more life, warmth and joie de vivre.What a sad loss! I particularly regret Nambita will grow up never knowing her very special mother. 

Name :   Partha Pratim Das (PPD)
Information about Yourself :   Ninas teacher at IIT, Kharagpur.
Your Message :   In Nina I remember a brilliant student and a pleasant personality. It is extremely difficult to digest this reality. I wonder how can the almightly be so unfair. My condolences to the family.

Name :   Neena Pemmaraju
Information about Yourself :   Senior from SN Hall and also Loreto, Ranchi
Your Message :   I remember meeting Nina at a Bay area SN Hall get together and connecting because of the Loreto background. It is shocking that she is no more, may she rest in peace. My condolences to the family on their loss

Name :   Esha
Information about Yourself :   Wingmate from SNHall and Ninas friend
Your Message :   We are shocked and deeply saddened to hear this. Nina was always a very dear friend to me . This is indeed a big loss and I am without any words at this moment. Our deepest condolences to Nambita, Akhil and Ninas parents.

Name :   Rama
Information about Yourself :   IITKGP 92-94, Nehru/JC Bose, CS Dept.
Your Message :   Memories never die. May your family find solace in knowing you reached God in eternal happiness.

Name :   Shriti Singh
Information about Yourself :   Ninas Classmate through Loreto
Your Message :   After 19 years, I hear of Nina and such shocking news. May God be with you Nina, wherever you are. My prayers for all the the family, to cope with such times.

Name :   Sriketan Mahanti
Information about Yourself :   IIT KGP Batchmate
Your Message :   I will always remember Neena as being full of fun and gaiety. My prayers and best wishes to her family. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Sanjay Sinha
Information about Yourself :   IIT KGP 1992
Your Message :   Saddened and shocked by the news. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

Name :   Paromita Mitra
Information about Yourself :   Classmate at Loreto, DAV and IIT KGP
Your Message :   Nina was a very special friend. The 2 of us had spent 15+ school/college years together. We had met at age7 in Loreto, joined DAV together, and then met in KGP again. I am still so shocked at this news, and find it difficult to believe that I am writing this.

Name :   Viru Raparthi
Information about Yourself :   IIT KGP 1990 grad
Your Message :   May her soul rest in peace and our heartfelt condolences to the family. Our prayers are with you.

Name :   Sushmita Datta
Information about Yourself :   IIT KGP 83 EE. Being many years her senior, I did not know Nina but as a mother, I can connect with the void she has left behind
Your Message :   My message is full of prayers for her family that she left behind. I strongly believe she will be there with that baby of hers forever. Even death cannot take that away.

Name :   Joya Elliott (Sahana)
Information about Yourself :   Ninas junior in IIT KGP
Your Message :   I am in complete shock by this news! Somehow its hard to believe that a person so full of life as Nina, is no more. Although weve not kept up since KGP, the picture of Nina laughing, dancing and singing on Holi an other social events in KGP still remain

Name :   Sanjeev Verma
Information about Yourself :   Batchmate (class of 92), hallmate of Akhil.
Your Message :   This is very unfortunate, and untimely. Nina was a very lively girl. I wish you strength to cope with this loss, Akhil. Take care of your daughter, as Nina would have.

Name :   Pritha
Information about Yourself :   Senior from IIT Kgp (84). My late father Prof. R. C. Ganguli, was her teacher in IIT.
Your Message :   No words can express my feelings. I am shocked beyond words.Having lost my father in 2003 and mother earlier this year -

Name :   Harpreet Chadha
Information about Yourself :   I met Nina at Intel about 2 years ago.
Your Message :   I am truly sorry for your loss and hope you can find the strength from family and friends to deal with this time of sadness.


Name :   Amanullah

Information about Yourself :   One yr junior from IIT KGP (from Ranchi).
Your Message :   I pray to God for her soul! Indeed the news is devastating. May God give all relatives / frineds the strength to bear this trageic loss. Aameen.

Name :   Paramita Das
Information about Yourself :   A friend who is remembering all those minutes, hours and days of sharing in IIT, Austin and bay area
Your Message :   I regret losing touch with Nina for the recent years - it breaks my heart to think that I wont be able to knock her door anymore. The family and Nambita are in my prayers.

Name :   Piyali Sarkar Dey
Information about Yourself :   One year junior at IIT KGP.
Your Message :   I pray to God that her loved ones find the strength to face this difficult time.

Name :   Janani Janakiraman
Information about Yourself :   Senior at IIT KGP
Your Message :   Remember how friendly and cheerful she was at all times. The last time I met her was in Austin at my sisters place. Sending some telepathic strength vibes to her family.

Name :   Amitabh
Information about Yourself :   IIT Kgp 92 batchmate
Your Message :   Very sad to hear the tragic news. My condolences with the family. Heart goes out to the baby.

Name :   Sougata Nandi
Information about Yourself :   Classmate during 1st year at KGP 88-89.
Your Message :   My thoughts with her daughter, who bears the biggest loss.

Name :   Debaleena Das
Information about Yourself :   One batch junior to Nina at Loreto, IIT and UT
Your Message :   I remember Nina as being ever cheerful and full of enthusiasm. Deeply saddened to hear this news. My condolences to her family.

Name :   Susmita Nayak
Information about Yourself :   Junior from IIT and colleague at Intel
Your Message :   Just now heard of this tragedy. Too shocked. Nina and I spent quite some time in cafeteria and the hallways and I have known her to be a really diligent person. May God give strength to her family.

Name :   Arpita Ray
Information about Yourself :   ClassMate and friend from Loreto, and DAV, Ranchi. She would often spend the lunch hours and breaks at my house while at DAV.
Your Message :   A Vivacious friend who will be remembered by all. Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences for the entire family. Unfortunate that she wont be there to enjoy the baby that she wanted for so long!

Name :   Kanad Chakraborty
Information about Yourself :   I am a person (an ex IIT Kgpian) who heard of Nina from my friend Mayukh Bhattacharya.
Your Message :   I am extremely shocked and disturbed to learn the sad news. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Jayathi Subramanian
Information about Yourself :   Batch of 90, SN Hall
Your Message :   I am deeply saddened to hear this news. I remember Nina as a very happy, sincere girl. Thinking of her reminds me of her smile that crinkled her eyes at the corners. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Priyanka
Information about Yourself :   2003 passout IIT Kgp
Your Message :   may god bless ur soul..

Name :   Sharmista Chatterjee
Information about Yourself :   2 years KGP senior, 90 batch, SN Hall mate
Your Message :   I am deeply distressed to hear this news. I remember Nina as this vivacious, petite girl with a charming smile. We used to call her Nini baby and were very fond of her. May her soul rest in peace and may god give her family the strength to bear this huge loss.

Name :   Navin Goyal
Information about Yourself :   Classmate at DAV
Your Message :   This is a really shocking news. I remember her as a very joyous and helpful person. May the Lord give peace to her soul and strength to all her near & dear ones to overcome her inopportune loss.

Name :   Anuradha Acharya
Information about Yourself :   Junior in KGP
Your Message :   I just found out and am totally shocked. She had recently sent pictures of Nambita and we had planned to meet up soon. I hope that her family has strength to live through this terrible incident. Nina was so full of energy and made efforts to keep in touch

Name :   Bipasha Chatterjee
Information about Yourself :   Ninas wingmate at SNHall from 92-94. She was also my husband Kaushiks friend from USF, Tampa.
Your Message :   We are shocked! Nina will be always remembered by all of us. My sister and parents also remember her and are equally shocked to hear about this unexpected incident. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Praveen Gupta
Information about Yourself :   ECE92 KGP Batchmate from Ranchi
Your Message :   I remember Nina as an intelligent person and smiling personality. My condolences to her family. God bless her soul to rest in peace.

Name :   Bipasha Ghosh
Information about Yourself :   Ninas batchmate, hallmate, wingmate, dept-mate from Kharagpur and friend for last 17 years
Your Message :   Nina and I had shared so much through all these years - this is a terrible loss for me. She was always full of life and a source of strength to all around her. God bless her soul.

Name :   Sunaina Joshi (Pande)
Information about Yourself :   A resident of BIT, a family friend.
Your Message :   It is impossible to express my grief in words. Our sincerest condolences to aunty and uncle and Akhil.I hope to meet Nambita one day and give her all my love and affection. Nina will always be remembered as a soft spoken and a wonderful person. Our prayers are with you

Name :   Sujata Sahu
Information about Yourself :   Classmate from Loreto Convent, Ranchi
Your Message :   I feel deeply sad about this tragic incident. I remember Nina as a very friendly, smiling and enthusiastic person. My condolences to her entire family. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Ayan Banerjee
Information about Yourself :   KGP Batchmate
Your Message :   Saddened to hear about this. Our thoughts are with her family at this hour.

Name :   Chaitali and Sudipta Sen
Information about Yourself :   Ninas batchmates and hall-mate in IIT KGP
Your Message :   We remember how very lively and joyous Nina was, and the fun and carefree times we spent with her in IIT and SN-hall. Our deepest sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. Saxena, Akhil, and Nambita for this untimely loss.

Name :   Deepa Ramani
Information about Yourself :   Ive spent many evenings chatting about this and that with Nina during her time in Austin.
Your Message :   I hope to tell Nambita one day, about wher mom. She was a deep and decent human being.

Name :   Supriya Ananthram
Information about Yourself :   Classmate and friend from Loreto, Ranchi.
Your Message :   This is indeed shocking. My heartfelt condolences to the whole family.

Name :   Kanoj Sarcar
Information about Yourself :   IIT Kgp 92 batchmate
Your Message :   Back in school, I remember Nina as a bubbly, vivacious young woman. In the last few years, I had run into her at Intel, at restaurants and other odd places, she always had that quick smile. May she be at peace where she is now.

Name :   Urmimala Dutta ( Gupta)
Information about Yourself :   Ninas friend in Loreto, Ranchi.
Your Message :   It is indeed a very shocking news. I remember Nina as a fun-filled and an intelligent girl. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Ishita Goswami
Information about Yourself :   IIT-KGP senior,class of 91, hallmate at SN
Your Message :   At SN her nickname was Sexy. She was warm, vivacious and caring. She participated in all the crazy pranks we got into with gusto. I have met her on and off in the bay area since those KGP days. Over time,I have seen the glimpses of the same lively person.

Name :   Agni
Information about Yourself :   Batchmate IIT Kgp, Great Friend @ Tampa, FL
Your Message :   Most unbelievable and shocking news. Im at a loss of words. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Debnath
Information about Yourself :   ECE92 batch mate
Your Message :   I feel deeply sad about this tragic incident. I remember Nina as a friendly, always smiling and unassuming person. My condolences to her entire family.

Name :   Rina Khanna (Vijan)
Information about Yourself :   I studied with Nina in Loreto and DAV. I am currently residing in Delaware.
Your Message :   I am shocked to hear about Ninas sudden untimely demise. I remember the times spent with her in Loreto and DAV. May God give the family the streangth to bear her loss.

Name :   Angsuman Rudra
Information about Yourself :   Friend & ECE 92 batchmate
Your Message :   I remember Nina as an extremely fun-loving & cheerful person. I can hear her laugh (even now). The jokes we played on each other! She used to make you feel upbeat and her joviality would make you forget your worries. I really dont know what to say to this.

Name :   Nachiketa Mitra
Information about Yourself :   IIT Kgp 92 Batch from Ranchi
Your Message :   She was as lively person as one has seen! It is so unfortunate. She was so busy taking care of her parents the last time when I saw her during Pushpanjali at Durga Puja 2003. May her sould rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences with her family.

Name :   Prema Sathyanarayan
Information about Yourself :   I taught Nina, Physics in Loreto Convent
Your Message :   I am filled with sadness that such a bright and loving person has come to such an untimely end My deepest condolences to Mr.Saxena nad family

Name :   Amitabh Singh
Information about Yourself :   Batchmate at DAV
Your Message :   This comes as a total shock to me, my condolences to her family.

Name :   Mandy Pant
Information about Yourself :   Was Ninas junior from IIT-Kgp. (1995 CSE batch)
Your Message :   I remember Nina as a real fun-loving, who radiated happiness whereever she went. This is an absolute shock to know that she is no more. I do hope her soul rests in peace. Nambita can certainly grow up feeling proud of what a lovely and amazing person her mother was.

Name :   Harikrishna C Warrier
Information about Yourself :   I was part of the ECE 1992 batch at IIT along with Nina.
Your Message :   My prayers to Ninas departed soul! May her family get happy times again. Regards, Hari

Name :   S.Mahalakshmi
Information about Yourself :   Nina and I have a lot in common - she was my senior in Loreto, my senior in IIT-KGP and more recently, we also had the same advisor at UT Austin.
Your Message :   My sincere condolences to her husband and parents. But most of all, my heart also goes out to her daughter, Nambita. My prayers are with all of you.

Name :   SD Kalyanaswamy
Information about Yourself :   I was working as Chief Engineer in Mecon,Ranchi.Nina was the class mate of my daughter Shobha.I know her father very well.She has spent many days with us in our house.
Your Message :   I am deeply distressed and shocked beyond words .We pray for her soul to rest in peace.Pl do convey our deep sorrow and condolences to Mr& Mrs Saxena

Name :   Lalita
Information about Yourself :   A resident of BIT campus who has been her friend from Loreto days.
Your Message :   The tinkle in her laughter still rings in my years.We spent so many hours together travelling to school and waiting for the bus to take us back.She had very high spirits,great values and a very cheerful nature topped with great intelligence.I am taken aback.

Name :   Chandragupta Ganguly
Information about Yourself :   Friend from IIT, KGP
Your Message :   Extremely shocked and saddend to hear of this news; My condolences to the family. May God give strength to the family to cope with this tragedy. God bless her soul.

Name :   Mayukh
Information about Yourself :   ECE92 Classmate.
Your Message :   For all the time I have known Nina, we never gave up an opportunity to joke at each others expense. But this is the most cruel joke of them all. And I dont have an answer. I feel like a clown in an empty circus tent. For diode92 folks, we shall remember

Name :   Abhijit (Gari)
Information About Yourself :   IIT Department mate
Your Message :   I am still having trouble believing this! I dont know how and what happened, but it is a terrible thing to happen.

Name :   Shobha
Information About Yourself :   
Your Message :   This is a very shocking news for me. We were very close friends in DAV and even later. Please accept my heartfelt condolences and also please convey the same to her parents.

Name :   Abhijit Mishra (Rock)
Information About Yourself :   DAV class of 88 batch
Your Message :   it is a huge loss to me persoanlly. Akhil you need to be strong now and lead the future light for the lil one. we had been great inspiration to each other and infact Nina was such a charming personality and kicked it off so well with Shalini. we do not have words.

Name :   Prateek Aggarwal
Information About Yourself :   IIT KGP Batchmate
Your Message :   Absolutely shocked to hear about this. Just cannot fathom the sequence of events over the last one month. I pray for her soul and for her family. I will always miss her heartening presence among us.

Name :   Somesh Verma
Information About Yourself :   Batchmate in DAV
Your Message :   This news came as a shock to me - my condolences to the family. May God help her family recover from this loss.

Name :   Ting Tong
Information About Yourself :   Ninas classmate in 1st year at IIT
Your Message :   Terribly shocked and saddened to hear this news, my condolences to the family. A very sad thing to happen to one so full of life and vitality.

Name :   Vivek Singh
Information About Yourself :   Classmate at DAV
Your Message :   This is a shocking news and I am feeling very sad. I was Ninas classmate in DAV for 2 years, and I remember her as an extremely intelligent and bright young lady. She was full of life and energy. May God give everlasting peace to her soul and strength to her family.

Name :   Debanjan Mukherjee
Information About Yourself :   IIT KGP Batch Mate
Your Message :   I cannot believe that Nina is not with us. She was a bubbly, cheerful person who spread happiness and warmth to everyone around her. It saddens me to think that Nambita will not be able to grow up along side such a wonderful person. May her soul rest in peace.

Name :   Pradipta Ghosh
Information About Yourself :   Batchmate from KGP
Your Message :   Nina will be missed a lot. She had an unique ability of connecting with people. I will always remember her warmth and her friendly smile. May God bless her soul and help her family to cope with this loss.


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